Day 3 : Erin

By: Erin Wilson

Apr 03 2010

Category: picture spring, posted by erin


Focal Length:70mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 40D

“grab your camera and from where you’re at take 30 steps… and take a picture of what you find there.”

Okay, this is getting embarrassing. We’re doing “Picture Spring”, and my shots are looking more like the photo stream from a depressed, Sylvia Plath reading, 16 year-old. It’s not like that. Really. Sigh…

I picked up my camera and walked 30 steps. Which took me right to my concrete front stoop. Concrete below me. Concrete in front of me. I chose to look up, where a dandy Spring storm is brewing.


2 comments on “Day 3 : Erin”

  1. No need to be embarrased – even if I’m dying to know who Sylvia Plath is/was… This picture looks exactly like a Spring storm looks like, so it is perfect the way it is! And I’m sure the next one will be in colour 😉

  2. Sylvia Plath was a depressed poet, who killed herself by putting her head in a gas oven. Yeah.

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