Day 9 : Erin

By: Erin Wilson

Apr 09 2010

Category: picture spring, posted by erin


Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 40D

“Seek out a little magic today as you go about your daily chores”

Did I lose a day somewhere? I’m too tired to figure it out tonight. I’ll catch up on the weekend if I need to.

Today’s shot? The view through the kitchen and then living room to my bedroom. I love this view of my apartment, but have never shot it because I’m always aware of the dirty floors. Seems when you get down low enough, you hardly notice 🙂

ps. learned how to use the adjustment brush in Lightroom for this shot. Yay!


2 comments on “Day 9 : Erin”

  1. I only knew the view until the closed bedroom door, so thanks for opening the door for me/us 🙂 And again, I’m so impressed by your creativity: shooting from this perpective gives the whole scene a total different impression.

  2. Mess and all lol. I’ve always intended to make some images of this apartment before I left. Time is running short now…

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