Day 12 : Erin

By: Erin Wilson

Apr 12 2010

Category: picture spring, posted by erin


Focal Length:200mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 40D

“Capture something that is just waking up with the welcoming warmth of the season and honor it.”


3 comments on “Day 12 : Erin”

  1. I guess with “something that is just waking up” you mean the new day? You know that early mornings are not my time of day, but this light and colours are just beautiful, and I love the composition with the silhouette of the tree on the right. Nice work, Erin!

  2. 🙂 Nope. I was thinking of the buds on the tree. In fact, it was already nearly dark by the time I had a chance to make a photo. So I chose a tree on the west side of my building, shooting in to the last light (through the bathroom window!).

  3. Ups, sorry that I mistook morning mood with evening mood! But whatever it was, this doesn’t influence the beauty of your photo 🙂

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