Day 13 : Erin

By: Erin Wilson

Apr 13 2010

Category: picture spring, posted by erin


Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 40D

“Consider your daily companions today-pets or people-and try to see the season from their perspective.”

Yeah. This might be the poorest image of the month, but it’s something. It’s very hard to photograph this cat from her level. She wants nothing more than to be pet!


2 comments on “Day 13 : Erin”

  1. Oh, this beauty! I imagine how hard it was to take a picture of her, so woohoo to this!
    (But please help me here, Sis: should we take a pic of an animal/child/whatever, or more like a picture that shows how they see “the season”? I think I misunderstood Tracey’s assignment…?

  2. lol… well, for an indoor pet, every season look the same. And most days I’m just happy to get a shot that I don’t hate.

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